Istria Itinerary – Most Beautiful Places to Visit on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula

A village on a hill surrounded by vineyards

Top Places to Visit in Istria - Itinerary and Travel Guide to Discover the Charms of the Istrian Peninsula

Are you ready to fall in love with the Istrian Peninsula, Croatia? Our Istria itinerary highlights the most charming places to visit in Istria, from medieval towns and breath-taking scenery to ancient ruins and the beautiful coast of the Adriatic Sea. If you are wondering what to see and which places to visit on the Istrian Peninsula, continue reading and start planning your ultimate Istrian Peninsula road trip.

The heart-shaped Istrian peninsula is one of the most charming places in Croatia, and the fact it has successfully stayed under the radar of mass tourism for such a long time is an added bonus. However, things are changing quickly and in recent years, more and more tourists have been visiting Istria, Croatia. So our advice is to start planning your Istria itinerary ASAP if you want a chance to explore the highlights of the Istrian peninsula before it loses its charm.

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Where Is the Istrian Peninsula Located?

The Istrian peninsula is the largest peninsula in Croatia. It is located in the westernmost part of Croatia at the head of the Adriatic between the Gulf of Trieste and Kvarner Bay. The peninsula is shared by Croatia, Italy and Slovenia, though the most substantial part belongs to Croatia. When talking about the Istrian peninsula we can talk about blue Istria (along the coast) and green Istria (inland).

Green and Blue Istria Highlights

So why should you visit the Istrian peninsula when there are so many other charming places all over Croatia? The answer is simple enough; the Istrian peninsula is different from any other county in Croatia. We fell in love with the beautiful scenery, stunning medieval towns and fishing villages, food scene and the unique atmosphere. When talking about Istria, imagine there are actually two different parts you can explore. Along the coast, you’ll find blue Istria with its charming coastal towns and marinas, colorful Venetian houses, seafood restaurants, stunning beaches and luxurious hotels. The inner areas of the Istrian peninsula are referred to as Green Istria. When traveling around these parts of the peninsula, you’ll see vineyards and olive groves, photogenic medieval towns perched on cliffs, agricultural landscape and a general rustic and homey vibe which means less posh accommodation choices.

There are a couple of cities in Istria and a few small towns, but you’ll mostly find villages in Istria, the majority of which are located in Green Istria. According to the Croatian census, there are over 500 villages in Istria. An average Istrian village has a community of about 100 people. Some might have over 300 inhabitants, but there are also villages which are populated by only a dozen of people and some are completely deserted. So what are some the highlights of the Istrian peninsula in our opinion?

  • Some of the most stunning towns in Croatia are located on the Istrian peninsula: Rovinj, Poreč and Motovun, to name a few.
  • Breathtaking scenery of rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and the hues of blue, green and turquoise of the Adriatic Sea.
  • A foodie scene with an emphasis on truffles, wine, olive oil and seafood.
  • Old traditional charm combined with a unique mixture of Italian-Croatian atmosphere.
  • Beautiful rocky and pebble beaches where you can enjoy the Adriatic Sea without the crowds
  • A unique focus on hiking and cycling trails so you can plan an active vacation combined with wine tasting.

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Top Places to Visit on the Istrian Peninsula for Your Istria Itinerary

Colorful Rovinj in Istrian Peninsula
Colorful houses in rovinj istria
Atelier charm boutique in Rovinj
Rovinj - Our Favorite Istrian Town
The old town of Rovinj Croatia
Rovinj alleys in the Istrian Peninsula

Days 1-3 Blue Istria Road Trip

Day 1 – Rovinj - The Most Charming Town on the Istrian Peninsula

Rovinj is our favorite town in Istria. Once you visit it, you’ll understand why we recommend staying here for your first few nights. From the moment we started exploring Rovinj’s old town, we couldn’t have enough of the colorful houses and Mediterranean atmosphere. Rovinj’s old town used to be an island so while you are strolling through the narrow cobbled streets, try and find these bottom porches that will reward you with beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea. There are hidden gems behind every corner, cool cafes, unique boutiques, colorful houses with photogenic laundry lines and many more such treasures are waiting to be found.

Things to See in Rovinj

  • Getting lost in Rovinj’s old town (if you want to learn more about the history of Rovinj, check out this walking guided tour.
  • Visiting St. Euphemia Church and its Bell Tower
  • Looking for Balbi’s Arch and Rovinj Town Clock
  • Wandering around Rovinj Harbor
  • Looking for the famous Rovinj viewpoints
  • Watching the sunset from one of the sea-front coffee shops and bars
  • Exploring Rovinj Archipelago

Where to Stay in Rovinj

We stayed at Residence Rovinj, a cute hotel with its own parking lot that was within walking distance to the old town. If you have a car, make sure your hotel has a parking lot. We loved the intimate and friendly atmosphere, the large rooms and good breakfast. It’s a good choice for mid-range accommodation. 

If you’d like to stay at the heart of the old town, Hotel Adriatic is an excellent choice. This luxurious boutique hotel provides beautiful views and is situated at the heart of Rovinj’s old town. You’ll also find one of the best restaurants in town inside the hotel. 

For a more budget-friendly choice, try the cozy but stylish The Melegran that also has a very central location and excellent reviews. 

For all hotels and apartments in Rovinj, check prices here

Check out our Rovinj Guide for more attractions, helpful tips and places to stay in Rovinj

pula arch
Pula roman forum Istria
Pula - for Roman Ruins
Istria pula

Day 2 – Pula and Cape Kamenjak

Pula – Best Place to See Ancient Roman Ruins in Istria

On day 2 of your itinerary, it’s time to discover the southern part of the Istrian peninsula. Within a relatively short car ride from Rovinj, you’ll find Pula, the largest city on the Istrian peninsula where you’ll also find an international airport. Pula has some of the best ancient Roman ruins in the area and some charming alleys of its own.

What to See in Pula

  • Visit Pula Arena – one of the most well-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world
  • Check out the Roman Forum
  • Walk under the Arch of Sergii
  • Enjoy the View from Fort Kaštel
  • Stop by the House of Istrian Olive Oil
  • Take a paddle-board tour or go kayaking and snorkeling around the sea caves along Pula coast with any of these recommended tours.

Where to Stay in Pula

We haven’t stayed in Pula ourselves; however you can check the prices for hotels and apartments in Pula here

Cape Kamenjak – for Rugged Beaches and Seascapes Photography

Things to Do on Cape Kamenjak

The Kamenjak Peninsula or Peninsula of Premantura is located at the southernmost point of Istria. It’s a protected reserve with a beautiful rugged coastline, stunning beaches and coves, and hiking and cycling trails. Other than gorgeous beaches, the Premantura Peninsula is home to more than 500 plant species, including 20 orchid species. It is located only a short drive away from Pula. You can also go cliff jumping or kayaking in the area.  

Day 3 – A Road Trip along the Coast of the Istrian Peninsula to Lim Fjord, Poreč and Novigrad

The third day on your itinerary is dedicated to a road trip along the northern part of the Adriatic coast along the Istrian peninsula. This area of Istria is dotted with beautiful fishing towns, stunning beaches and some breathtaking views, such as the stunning Lim Bay.

Lim Fjord – Best Place to Visit in Istria for Fresh Oysters and Stunning Views

Things to Do in Lim Fjord

  • Take a boat ride to explore the bay
  • Eat fresh oysters and mussels
  • Rest at the tiny beach
  • Admire the views and beautiful scenery

Poreč – Beautiful Historic Center and the Euphrasian Basilica

If for some reason, you’d rather stay at a different town than Rovinj, Poreč is probably one of the best places to stay along the coast of the Istrian Peninsula. It offers just the right mixture of historical monuments, charming cobbled streets, lovely beaches and foodie and night scenes.

Things to See and Do in Poreč

  • Visit the Euphrasian Basilica – A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Wander around the Historic Center of Poreč
  • Walk along the two main streets, Decumanus and Cardo Maximus
  • Stop by the main square – Marafor
  • Check out the Round Tower where you’ll find Torre Rotonda Caffé Bar
  • Visit Poreč Heritage Museum

Where to Stay in Poreč

If you’re looking for a central location, Valamar Riviera Hotel & Residence is a great choice. With its modern design, rich breakfast and private beach on the nearby Sveti Nikola island (free shuttle boat), it offers some great deals on rooms throughout the year. You can check other accommodation choices here.

A girl drawing on a staircase with flowers around her
Girls sitting and drawing against a beautiful ancient wall
Include Poreč in your Istria itinerary
Art gallery

Novigrad – For a Mixture of Excellent Food, Beaches and History

Novigrad is located just north of Poreč, and it has been gaining a name for itself as a foodie town. Other than excellent restaurants, you’ll find here lovely beaches and a charming historic center.

Things to See and Do in Novigrad

  • Visit the charming old town
  • Look for the local churches and bell towers
  • Visit the Maritime Museum
  • Explore the beaches and visit the water sports center
  • Visit some of the best restaurants on the Istrian peninsula

Where to Stay in Novigrad

Check out the smart Boutique Hotel Rivalmare which is beautifully designed and is situated just near the old town and the beach. You can check other options for hotels and apartments in Novigrad here.

For detailed guides for some of the top places to visit in Istria, check out our Rovinj Day Trips Guide

Days 4-6 Green Istria Road Trip

After spending a couple of nights in Rovinj, it was time for us to start our journey to discover the charms of the inner parts of the Istrian peninsula. We spent the next couple of nights in Oprtalj, a small town with breathtaking views that is located very close to Motovun.

Day 4-5 - Oprtalj, Motovun, Grožnjan and Buje

After spending a couple of nights in Rovinj, it was time for us to start our journey to discover the charms of the inner parts of the Istrian peninsula. We spent the next couple of nights in Oprtalj, a small town with breathtaking views that is located very close to Motovun.

Oprtalj – For Stunning Views and Medieval Charm

Oprtalj (or Portole in Italian) is one of the most picturesque towns in Green Istria. To be honest, there is not too much to do in this tiny town, but we chose it as our place of accommodation thanks to its stunning views of the Mirna Valley and proximity to Motovun. We didn’t know what to expect, but strolling along the tiny old town of Opetalj, we felt we’d discovered a hidden gem. It’s a place where time stood still. Photogenic crumbling walls decorating narrow cobbled alleys that lead to ancient houses and beautiful archways, an old bell tower, and the occasional flowers and  green vines dotting this historic town.

Things to See in Oprtalj

  • Admire the unbelievable view from Venetian Loggia
  • Check out the old main gates of the old town
  • Wander along the cobbled alleys of the old town
  • Have a snack or a glass of wine with the most amazing view

Where to Stay in Oprtalj

We stayed at the charming B&B Palazzo Angelica (for adults only). We didn’t stay at the main house, but we had a lovely apartment inside the old town. The only downfall was we had to carry our suitcases on the uneven cobbled alley (uphill) and then climb a few flights of stairs. However, the friendly staff will gladly help you. We loved our stay here but be warned, Oprtalj is very low key and you only have two restaurants to choose from. If you are looking for a bit of a more lively atmosphere, Motovun or Grožnjan are going to suit you more.

Yellow colored wall, cobbled street and green glass bottles
Colorful houses in Istria
A view from Oprtalj old gate town
Pink wall in a cobbled street
Bookeria restaurant in Rovinj

Motovun – One of the Most Famous Towns on the Istrian Peninsula

You can’t visit green Istria without stopping at Motovun. Motovun is perched on a 270-meter hill and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The sight of Motovun and the surrounding area in the early hours of the morning covered gently in a veil of fog, is magical. If you stay in the area (and you should), try and catch a glimpse of it with your camera. Nevertheless, if you can’t bother to catch the sunrise or you choose to visit Motovun on a day trip from the coast, don’t worry, it’s stunning every hour of the day.

Things to See in Motovun

  • Take a picture from the road of the landscape with the beautiful Motovun perched on the hill
  • Wander around Motovun’s cobbled alleys
  • See the historical monuments of the ancient city of Kastelijer with its defensive walls, fortifications and gates
  • Admire the mixture of Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance architecture
  • Visit the Parish Church of St. Stephen with its bell tower
  • Buy some local souvenirs
  • Admire the view with a glass of wine

Where to Stay in Motovun

If you want to stay in a hotel at the heart of Motovun, check out Hotel Kastel (will be reopened in March/April 2020). Other than that there are several apartments and B&B you can check here.  If it’s luxury you are looking for, then Wine & Heritage hotel ROXANICH is a boutique hotel located very close to Motovun which also has its own gourmet restaurant and a wellness center. 

Yellow church and bell tower
Motovun - Green Istria Higlight
Bell tower and a yellow church

Grožnjan – Village of Artists

Grožnjan is located very close to Motovun and Oprtalj. It is another beautiful Istrian village which is known as the village of artists. One of the highlights of strolling around this charming village was to see all of these unique and beautiful medieval houses adorned by artistic displays.

What to See in Grožnjan

  • Stroll around the picturesque streets
  • Look for unique souvenirs
  • Visit the Fonticus Gallery
  • Look for the Church of St Vitus, Modest, & Crescentiu
  • Have the best cappuccino with a platter of cheese accompanied by a stunning view

Where to Stay in Grožnjan

In Grožnjan you’ll find only small apartments. You can check the prices here.

An art gallery
A photogenic alley in an Istrian village
Necklaces and colorful pots in an Istrian artist village
Streets and shops in Grožnjan
A beautiful door in Istria

Buje - History, Views and Local Delecacies

We only had one day to explore the central and northern part of the Istrian Peninsula, which means we didn’t get to see everything we wanted (and we stopped for some wine tasting as well). Buje was on our list for several reasons and we were sorry we’d missed it. Initially, we thought about spending a couple of nights here but decided to spend our nights in green Istria at Oprtalj. Buje has plenty to offer so if you do have the time, try and include it in your Istria itinerary.

What to See in Buje

  • Visit St. Servulus church and its bell tower for some magnificent view of the area
  • See the Tower of St Martin which was part of the Venetian walls that surrounded Buje
  • See the collections at the Ethnographic museum, which showcases local handicrafts and highlights the culture of the area
  • Roam the alleys of the historic center and look for local delicacies
  • If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience, visit the beer spa at San Servolo Resort & Beer Spa

Where to Stay in Buje

We were planning on staying at San Servolo Resort & Beer Spa, which has beautiful views, modern and funky design and a beer spa. Check the prices for other accommodation choices in Buje here

A rocky beach in Istria Croatia
Boats in a beach in Istria Croatia
Crystal clear water in Duga Uvula, Istria

Day 6 – Duga Uvula, Rabac and Labin

Duga Uvula or Rabac – For Beaches and Seascape Photography

There are plenty of beaches all around Istria and even from the center of Istria it should take no more than 45 minutes to get to one of the beaches. We wanted to have a relaxed day and mainly do some photography, and we’ve heard Duga Uvula is a beautiful place. Duga Uvula is a beautiful cove with stunning crystal-clear water and a friendly vibe. When you follow the path, there are many options to take one of the stairs that lead straight to the sea. The beach is not very kid-friendly, at least the parts we visited. There was a very simple bar with some drinks and snacks (Punta Beach Bar) where we visited. For us, it was the perfect spot because we were looking for a private location.

However, if you are looking for a lively atmosphere and more options in terms of attractions and restaurants, check out the small resort town of Rabac. It is much more touristy and suited for families, there are more restaurants and a few beaches to choose from. There is also a lovely promenade. Note that it is a trendy place to visit in the summer so it can get crowded.

Labin – History, Views and Art

We’ve heard about Labin only on our last day in Istria and so it was too late to visit it. Since it is located very close to Duga Uvula and Rabac, you should stop there if you have a chance. Labin is another medieval hilltop town which used to be the largest mining center in Croatia. Nowadays, you can find here a few galleries, charming alleys, historical sites and gorgeous views of the Adriatic Sea.

What to See in Labin

  • See the Little Theatre or Il Teatrino at Labin old town
  • Check out Porta Sanfior, the old town gate
  • Visit the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Birth
  • Admire some of the Baroque palaces and buildings such as the Battiala-Lazzarini Palace
  • Stop by the art galleries or Labin’s city museum
  • Admire the view from Fortica Viewpoint

Where to Stay in Labin and Rabac

You’ll find many resorts and apartments around Rabac for different budgets. Check their prices here. In Labin, you’ll find only two hotels. Hotel Peteani offers stylish rooms, great breakfast and free bikes and has great prices for solo travelers. The second hotel, La Loggia Diffused Hotel, is another great choices for visitors who are looking for modern and stylish design and a budget friendly price tag. For more accommodation choices in Labin, check your options here.

Plan the Perfect Itinerary for your Istrian Peninsula Road Trip

Our best advice is to do your research on the various attractions of the Istrian peninsula, and then calculate how many days you would need (or have) to explore the peninsula, choose two or three places of accommodation in Blue and Green Istria, and you’re good to go.

Where to Stay on the Istrian Peninsula

We only had four nights in Istria, and it wasn’t enough to see everything we wanted to see. Therefore, in our opinion, you should plan your Istria itinerary to include at least 4-5 nights. Our preferred town on the Western Coast is Rovinj (we’ve discussed accommodation options under our Rovinj section). In the center of the Istrian peninsula, we chose to stay at Oprtalj, but Motovun might be better if you are looking for a livelier atmosphere. Finally, if you are a beach person, we suggest staying another night along the coast, which means another day in Rovinj or somewhere near Labin.

Truffle pasta
Truffle pasta with a view
A village on a hill surrounded by vineyards
The vineyards around Motovun
grapes in a vineyard in Istria

Our Ultimate Itinerary to Explore the Best Places to Visit on the Istrian Peninsula

So if you’ve followed our Istria road trip, you might have noticed that we’ve recommended some places we haven’t visited ourselves due to a lack of time or knowledge. So the following itinerary is the one we would have followed if we’d had enough time.

Day 1: Arriving in Rovinj and exploring the old town and nearby parks
Day 2: A day trip to Pula and Cape Kamenjak
Day 3: A day trip to Lim Fjord, Poreč and Novigrad
Day 4: Oprtalj, Motovun and Grožnjan
Day 5: Buje and experiencing wine tasting, olive oil tasting or truffle hunting
Day 6: Labin and Rabac or Duga Uvula

Things to See on the Istrian Peninsula If You Have More Time

  • Visit some of the local Istrian towns we’ve missed such as Buzet, Bale, Hum or Pazin.
  • Follow the wine roads of Red Istria and Grey Istria (these names are based on the color of the soil)
  • Follow the olive oil trails of the Istrian Peninsula
  • Go truffle hunting around Mirna Valley. To learn more about such foodie experiences in Istria, check out our Istria Gourmet Foodie Guide
  • Explore the islands along the West coast (Rovinj Archipelago, Vrsar Archipelago or Sv. Nikola island)
  • Visit the famous Birjuni Islands National park
  • Go on a cycling tour or hike along the old Parenzana railway. The old Parenzana train connected the ports of Poreč and Trieste with villages and towns of the Istrian peninsula. It operated between 1902 and 1935. Nowadays, after a restoration process, there are cycling tours and hiking tours along the old route. Other than that, there are many more cycling routes all over the Istrian Peninsula. 
  • Go on a day trip to Piran on the Slovenian part of the Istrian Peninsula. Another picturesque town with beautiful architecture and historic sites.

How to Get to the Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

By Plane – There is one international airport in Istria, Pula Airport. It’s a small airport, but during the season, there are flights from several European destinations such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam and other locations. Thanks to the increasing popularity of Istria, more and more flights are added every month. Otherwise, you can fly to one of the nearby international airports in Croatia, such as Rijeka or Zagreb, Trieste in Italy or Ljubljana in Slovenia and drive/arrange for transportation from there.

By Bus – There are buses from many cities in Croatia and nearby European destinations to the main towns along the coast of Istria such as Pula and Rovinj. You can catch a bus from Trieste, Ljubljana, Munich, Sarajevo, Zurich and many more cities. Check some of the options here.

By Boat – During the season, you can reach Rovinj by ferry. There are four companies operating ferries to and from Rovinj. In the high season, there are 1-5 journeys per day, but in the low season, there are no ferries at all. There is also a ferry from Zadar to Pula.

By Car – If you are planning on exploring the Istrian Peninsula, we suggest renting a car. You can either rent a car after landing in Pula Airport or from Zagreb or the Dalmatian Coast.

A bottle of red wine in a winery
Include Wine Tasting in your Istria Itinerary
Olive oil tasting in Istria Croatia
Olive Oil Tasting in the Istrian Peninsula

Getting Around the Istrian Peninsula

Your best choice is to rent a car. If you only plan to visit the towns along the western coast of the Istria Peninsula, you will find some public transportation from the main towns (Pula, Rovinj or Poreč), but if you want to explore Green Istria, it might be hard if not almost impossible by public transit. You can check some of the bus routes in Istria here.

If you don’t want to rent a car, you can hire a private driver or a taxi to show you some of the highlights of the Istrian Peninsula. Another more budget-friendly way is to go on an organized tour to see the best places to visit in Istria. 

Distances between Our Recommended Places to Visit on the Istrian Peninsula

To give you a clue regarding your day trips, we wrote down for you the distances between our recommended destinations along the coast and inside the Istrian peninsula.

From Rovinj:
To Pula: 40 km. (about 45 minutes)
To Cape Kamenjak: 55 km. (about 55 minutes)
To Lim Bay: 16 km (about 20 minutes)
To Poreč: 40 km. (about 45 minutes)
To Novigrad: 55 km. (about 55 minutes)
To Motovun: 50 km. (about 55 minutes)

From Motovun:
To Oprtalj: 11 km. (about 20 minutes, it’s not a mistake, the road is very curvy)
To Grožnjan: 18 km. (about 23 minutes)
To Buje: 22 km. (about 25 minutes)
To Labin/Rabac/ Duga Uvula: 50-70 km. (about 70 minutes)

When to Visit the Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

You can visit the Istrian Peninsula all year long. Nevertheless, the best time of the year is usually June – September. In July and August, the temperatures can reach 30°C, and there are more tourists in the area, but it’s not too bad compared to other regions of Croatia and it’s the best time to enjoy the beaches. April and May are also great if you don’t mind the cooler temperatures (just be aware that some of the restaurants and smaller hotels might be closed, especially during April). Fall is the best time to visit Istria if you want to watch the harvest of olives and grapes and go truffle hunting. Have a look at the average temperature and rainfall in Istria by month.

Final Tips to Help you Plan the perfect Istria Road Trip Itinerary

  • Try to arrive early to the main tourist attractions since you can’t get into the old city with your car, and you’ll have to find a parking lot (some of which can get crowded later in the day).
  • Don’t forget to ask for a GPS in your car or use a GPS app on your phone. We recommend downloading an Istria Map from Google Maps before your trip since at some places, you will have a bad signal. At least you’ll have a map of the area on your mobile.
  • You can use the Croatian Automobile Club’s app, Hak Traffic, to check for any traffic, closed roads, etc.
  • The roads in Istria are pretty narrow, can be curvy, and some of them are basically dirt roads. Therefore, check the ETA on your app and consider your gasoline consumption. Many times we arrived at our destination later than anticipated.
  • Relax and enjoy your time – part of the reason we didn’t get to check off all the attractions on our bucket list was simply since we wanted to enjoy the moment. So instead of rushing from place to place, choose the top sites you’d like to visit in advance and leave room for improvisation.

Where to Go Next

We continued our Istrian road trip and followed the scenic road to Plitvice Lakes till we arrived to Zagreb, our final destination on our Croatian road trip. If you started your journey in Istria, we also recommend continuing your road trip to the Dalmatian Coast.

Helpful Information and Travel Tips for your Croatia Itinerary

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Adriatic Sea and Motovun in Istria Croatia .
Colorful houses in Istria Croatia.
Colorful houses in Istria Croatia.

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