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CL Studio is a boutique content creation company that specializes in producing high quality visual content for the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. Nowadays, it is more challenging than ever to capture your target audience’s attention in the sea of content available to people on social media but we are here to help you stand out!

How Can High Quality Video Help Your Business

Generally speaking, according to recent studies 20% of online users read text while 80% would rather watch a video on the same subject. Check out the data related specifically to the TRAVEL industry! 

1 %
Visual Content

When talking about the travel industry, 2 out of 3 people watch videos online whenever they think about going on a trip

1 %
booking trips

More than 60% of travelers prefer watching a video before booking a trip

1 %
Activities Ideas

More than 60% of travelers watch videos when looking for ideas for activities during their trip.

1 %
Activity Video

50% of travelers say they are likely to book a trip immediately after watching a travel activity video.

1 %

More than 50% of travelers watch videos while deciding which accommodation to stay at

Why Choose Us

We can help you stand out from your competitors with videos that are hard to ignore. We tell stories that take the viewers on a journey to discover a new destination, lodging or experience. We know how to shoot and edit with the viewer in mind. It’s all about the visuals,  storytelling, editing and audio – we provoke emotions, and use all five senses to immerse the viewer in the story and make him fall in love with your brand.

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Menashe Regional Council

A short promotional clip for the Menashe Regional Council which provides a taste of what this lesser-known council in central Israel has to offer. From beautiful nature spots to local culinary and tourist activities. 

Akko port Western Galilee Israel
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Israeli Mediterranean sweets in Akko Israel

Acre Old City

Acre Old City is one of our favorite places in Israel. This inspirational travel video is meant to capture the essence of Acre and its people, the beautiful alleys, the historic monuments, the local businesses and unique culinary. It was created in collaboration with Akko Economic Company. 

Beautiful design corner in Akotika hotel Acre Israel
Central Portugal Coimbra view
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האוניברסיטה של קוימברה במרכז פורטוגל
Porta da vila gate in Obidos Portugal

Central Portugal

This short travel film was created during our road trip in Portugal in collaboration with Central Portugal’s Board of Tourism. The film takes the viewer on a journey in Central Portugal while showcasing the unique attractions, picturesque historical towns, stunning landscapes and local cuisine.

Pretty streets of Obidos in Central Portugal
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Alqueva lakes view from Monsaraz in Alentejo Portugal
Monsaraz Alentejo Portugal

Boutique Hotel - Portugal

While staying at Montimerso Skyscape we immediately fell in love with this relatively unknown area in Alentejo region, Portugal. The hotel is overlooking the stunning Alqueva Lake and is situated minutes away from Monsaraz, a picturesque  historic village. Other than the stunning landscapes and views, we loved the hotel’s unique design which blends so beautifully with its surroundings. 

Alqueva lakes Alentejo Portugal

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