Where to Stay in Akko – Best Akko Hotels for Every Pocket and Every Taste

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Where to Stay in Akko - Best Places to Stay in Akko’s Old City for Every Pocket and Every Taste

Akko (also known as Acre) is a great destination for anyone who wants to get the feel of Israel off the beaten track. Many people choose to visit Akko on a day trip from Tel Aviv but Akko has so much to offer and can also be a great base from which you can discover Northern Israel. You really should consider spending a couple of nights here. Akko has been flourishing in recent years, and even though there is still a shortage of accommodation in Acre’s old city, more and more places have popped up recently. You can find in Akko all kinds of accommodation options and here are some of the best places to stay in Akko, no matter if you are looking for luxury, a unique experience, a romantic getaway or a pod hostel. What’s so great about all of these options is that you are going to feel like a part of the local community, no matter if you are staying in a luxury hotel or a hostel, all of these places are located inside Acre’s Old City and when you step out of your accommodation, you might find yourself in the middle of a wedding celebration or another local festivity. So where to stay in Akko to make this vacation as enjoyable and memorable as possible?

Akko Hotels - Where to Stay in Akko

Where to Stay in Akko If You Are Looking For a Boutique Hotel?

The Efendi Hotel

Let’s start from one of the most well-known luxury hotels in Israel – The Efendi Hotel, probably the most famous hotel in Akko. This is another project of Uri Jeremias from Uri Buri restaurant. Uri bought two old decaying buildings in 2001 and decided to renovate them and turn them into one of the best boutique hotels in Israel. The hotel is actually composed of two adjacent Efendi houses which used to be luxurious palaces of Akko’s Ottoman rulers. Since these original Efendi houses contain a part of Acre’s history, Uri decided to recover some of their original splendor. The renovation and preservation work was supervised by the Antiquities Authority. Artists were flown from Italy to restore the delicate artwork that can be seen everywhere, from the fresco of the city of Istanbul on one of the walls to the hand-painted ceilings, this kind of meticulous restoration took no less than 8 years. Nowadays, The Efendi is a great option for anyone who is looking for a unique experience and can afford it. You’ll be staying at an actually Effendi Palace that is part of Akko’s history. The Efendi also offers Spa and Hammam treatments, a roof bar with the best views of Akko’s old city and of the Mediterranean Sea and a wine bar. And the famous Uri Buri restaurant is only 5 minutes away. 

Address: Louis HaTshi’i St.  |  Check prices here

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design sofas in a boutique hotel in Akko
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Acre view
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design bathroom in Akko
a design corner in a boutique hotel in Acre

Where to Stay in Akko If You Are Looking For a Unique Experience


Akotika is another great choice if you are looking for a really unique experience. Tamar and Meir came to Akko from Jerusalem and fell in love with the local community and authenticity of Akko. Their motto is “Akko is the hotel and we only supply the rooms”. They want their guests to fall in love with Acre, just like they did. They want you to be part of the community, experience the great food choices, the authentic market and the beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere. Their concept is unique. The main building is located not very far from Acre’s lighthouse, on the main street, and here you’ll get the famous Israeli breakfast (one of the best breakfasts in the whole world) at the breakfast restaurant on the roof. You can come here and enjoy the lobby’s facilities or the small bar, however, you’ll be spending the night in one of the rooms that are located in different corners of Akko’s Old City, not far from the main hotel building. Meir and Tamar have 14 rooms (including 2 apartments that are suitable for families). Each room/apartment is styled in a unique way and might have extra facilities (but no elevator, though the employees will help you with your luggage). They want you to get lost in Acre’s old cobbled stone alleys, share the entrance to your room with local families, where you’ll smell the homemade cooking or be invited to share a cup of mint tea with them. Some of our favorite rooms were located on the second floor of a local building with the best joint reading room we’ve ever seen. Another one had a private indoor pool! A combination of luxury accommodation and being a part of the local community is such a great concept in our eyes – it’s really the best of both worlds!

Address: Ha-Hagana St. | Check prices here

design space in akotika hotel
a design corner in a boutique hotel in Acre
design accommodation in acre
(Photo: Akotika)
a beautiful corner in a boutique hotel in Acre
Backyard at Acre
A corner in Akotika design hotel

Where to Stay in Akko For Family Style/ Artistic Accommodation


Arabesque is another favorite of ours especially if you like accommodation that offers a combination of a boutique hotel with a family atmosphere. It is located inside Akko’s Old City, very close to the market and run by Micha whose dad, Evan, was responsible for buying the original Ottoman building a few years ago. Evan who is a writer, translator and professor at Bar Ilan University had fallen in love with this property, but soon enough realized it was too big for his needs. Then he intended to make it an Art Residency for artists from all over the world, and finally, with the help of his son, Micha, they turned it into one of the best Bed & Breakfast places in Akko. The original Arabesque has only 3 bedrooms but recently they have added 4 more rooms in an adjacent building. Both buildings are built like a traditional Riad with a large hall and yard where the extended family used to cook and socialize in the past and nowadays the guests are welcomed to sit, read a book, enjoy breakfast and socialize. The old Arabesque reminded us more of the courtyards of Seville while the newer one made us feel like we were visiting Marrakesh. The only meal you’ll eat here is breakfast because Micha and Evan hope their guests will have an opportunity to socialize and eat at Akko’s local restaurants. Micha and Evan view art as a unifying factor and therefore they want Arabesque to serve the local community as well. They host artistic and culinary events here and try and promote local talents. Arabesque is a great choice for people who love to learn more about the local community and feel at home, even while they are traveling.

AddressElharizi 11/270  |  Check prices here

painted sink
Arabesque boutique hotel
(Photo: Daniel Hanoch)
Arabesque boutique hotel accommodation
(Photo: Daniel Hanoch)
A unique fish-like faucet
a blue door in Arabesque boutique hotel
Arabesque boutique hotel
(Photo: Daniel Hanoch)
design patio in Acre
design fountain in Akko

Where to Stay in Akko For a Romantic Weekend

Zidan Sarai Suite

Zidan Sarai Suite – For a really unique experience try this one-bedroom apartment that was built in the original carpentry workshop that used to belong to the family. It is one of the most extraordinary and beautiful apartments we’ve ever seen. Located in Akko’s Old City and once you’ll enter inside you’ll be in your own little paradise. Surrounded by brick walls, you’ll have a private hammam, a unique shower and bedroom, a small kitchen and a large living room with a flat-screen TV. There are no windows but to be honest it just adds to the feeling of being secluded in your own luxurious palace. It is the perfect place for a romantic vacation or if you enjoy your privacy and looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Address: Zalman ha-Tsoref St.  |  Check prices here

design boutique hotel in Israel
stone shower in a boutique hotel
(Photo: Daniel Hanoch)
a room at one of Acre's hotels
a bedroom in a design boutique hotel
(Photo: Daniel Hanoch)
a design corner in a boutique hotel
boutique hotel in Acre Israel

Where to Stay in Akko For Budget-friendly Accommodation

The Grape House

If you are looking for a budget-friendly accommodation and you prefer modern style design, check out the lovely Grape House. Everything is new and modern, the rooms are lovely with a small balcony, continental breakfast is served every morning and the location is great.

Address: Louis HaTshi’i  |  Check prices here

Where to Stay in Akko for a Backpacker Experience

Eco Akko

Eco Akko is a new hostel which is located at the heart of Akko’s Old City. It’s your classic backpackers’ hostel with a twist – it’s a pod hostel. There is one large dorm room with single and double bunk beds or rather pods. You can use their modern kitchen to prepare your meals with fresh ingredients you’ve just bought at Akko’s market and to eat it on the rooftop balcony while enjoying the amazing views. Great choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay in Akko where you’ll meet some new friends.

Address: Salah ad Din St.  |  Check prices here

These are our favorite places to stay in Akko but there are many more unique accommodations and new ones are opening on a monthly basis. Akko is the new rising star in the Israeli tourism market and if you are looking for a unique and authentic experience, this is the place to be. Don’t forget to check our guide for the Best Things to Do in Akko and our guide to Where to Eat in Akko to discover some of the best restaurants in Akko, Israel.

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