Our Story

Our Story

We are two sisters who finally decided to take the plunge and open a blog.

Some of the most memorable experiences of our childhood are the family holidays with our parents. Our parents used to love travelling abroad. They used to let themselves be immersed in the new cultures they got to explore and they used to enjoy every single moment of the trip. Our father used to always work very hard which made the vacations with him all that more special. Our mother passed away when we were very young so we hold these memories very close to our hearts. 

We have always believed that we got the “travel bug” from our parents who took us abroad with them and made sure we would experience everything the new and unfamiliar country had to offer. They have infected us with their passion for travelling, discovering new places, wandering in the streets of new unfamiliar cities, looking for the local delicacies, breath-taking views, colorful markets and exotic flavors. They have taught us to break out of our comfort zone and learn to enjoy what life has to offer, learn about the world around us and take it all as it comes, even when you find yourself in an unexpected situation, just go with the flow and don’t forget to take it with a smile.

Hand made paper umbrella
legs of three Burmese mons
inle lake fishermen myanmar
decorating a paper umbrella in pindaya myanmar
someone holding nutmeg
Vietnamese girl riding a bike and holding a straw hat

After losing our mother at a very young age, we have realized that life is a journey, one time you might be on top of the world and soon after you get hit by a curve ball, but there is one certainty you can depend on, you don’t know what’s hiding just behind the corner. Time passes you by but the experiences you collect along the way stay with you forever. Most of us are too busy managing our everyday life, making plans, getting caught in our daily routines and postponing true passions and potential moments of joy to a later date.

We believe that everyone (including us) could benefit from getting a reminder of how wonderful life can be when you leave your comfort zone for a while and open yourself to new experiences, jump into a new adventure and take a break from your mundane life. Stop thinking so hard and just live… These moments shall be cherished forever.

This blog is dedicated to our parents who helped us discover how magical the world can be, with its cornucopia of cultures, flavors and colors! The blog is all about inspiring others to roam the world. You can check out the Travel pages with tips and info about the places we have visited in, or read some of Maya’s Travel Stories which are based on emails that were written to friends and family during her travels.

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